Why is customization required?

First and foremost: we leave the way in which Sellers can customize their items up to the Sellers. This means that as long as the Seller can customize their item in some way, shape or form (be it color, size, shape, form, or other), they can sell their item on TheWeddingMile.com.

Sellers must specify on the item's page the various ways in which they can customize their item. Buyers may request alternative or additional customization from Sellers and Sellers may provide these at their discretion.

The Wedding Mile requires customization for two reasons:

1) We believe that your ability to cater to Buyer requests is what helps define your craft and your uniqueness. Custom requests help expand your portfolio of creativity and inspire both Sellers and Buyers exponentially!

2) Requiring customization largely precludes commercial and mass manufacturers from becoming Sellers on our site and undermining the value and cost of the time and service you are working so hard to provide. 

We believe this policy will ensure that your items - and your brand - remain unique and special.

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