I can't login to my dashboard

If you have signed up for a seller account, but cannot login and reach your dashboard (you are taken to back to the sign up page), please do the following:

1) Make sure you clicked on the verification link contained in the email you received upon registration.

2) Clear your cache -
      Chrome: Click the settings button, top right corner of your browser. Tools > Clear Browsing Data
      Internet Explorer: Click the Tools wheel, top right corner of your browser.  Internet Options > Delete temporary files

3) Close all browsers

4) Open a new browser (if you were using IE, try Chrome and vice versa)

5) Try logging into your account.

6) A computer restart may be necessary to ensure that all cache is cleared.

* 99% of the time this issue is a cache problem, and clearing your cache should resolve the issue.

If you continue experiencing sign in problems, please submit a support ticket.

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